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Blue Water

Above and Beyond Community Classes

At Blue Umbrella Experience, our main goal is providing inclusive, affordable, and engaging classes for students of all skill levels. That's why we launched Above and Beyond Community Classes, an initiative solely focused on creating exciting new classes across a variety of subjects for everyone to learn, create, and have fun together!


For me, Above and Beyond Community Classes are special because there are new people joining each session, which end up being long term friendships... I have been a community member since July 6th at 10 A. M., and hope to continue, foster friendships, and learn new skills.

- Cole, BUE Student

The teachers really understand how to use Zoom, so it's almost as if Lily is actually in the class... She jumps out of bed in the morning, she never misses a class... It's as if she has a real community, it's as if she's there... I cant imagine having Lily leave Blue Umbrella, not for a long time.


- Scott, Parent of BUE Student

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