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Our mission is simple, yet profound:
to provide a warm and welcoming environment where individuals of all abilities and skill levels can thrive.

Blue Umbrella Experience was born out of a passionate belief that individuals of all abilities deserve high quality, professional and affordable education and social connection within a community setting.


Blue Umbrella Experience, Community, Inclusive
  • We provide inclusive, accessible, and affordable classes and experiences to students of all abilities and skill levels. 

  • We recognize the importance of continued structure, community engagement, and diverse learning experiences in the lives of those completing their educational career

  • We offer a variety of ways for students from every walk of life to come together and form lifelong bonds.

Whether you're interested in cooking, want to learn how to balance your personal finances, or are looking to build new friendships, Blue Umbrella Experience is here to support everyone and tailor your time with us to be as engaging, uplifting, and memorable as possible.


Our team is excited and ready to welcome you to the Blue Umbrella Community. Feel free to message our directors at any time to receive more information about our services.

Blue Umbrella Experience is guided by an exceptional board of leaders and professionals, all deeply committed to our mission of fostering an inclusive learning environment for individuals of all abilities. For more information about the board, please contact Christy Hawkins at


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